Introduction to becoming a landlord lodger

If you’re currently looking into the idea of becoming a landlord to a lodger, this is the ideal place to start.

This section of the website contains introductory guides, which will hopefully give you some idea of what a lodger is, and if being a landlord to a lodger is the right decision for you (after weighing up the pros and cons, of course).

We encourage you to read as much as you can on the subject before making any decisions. There are a few caution areas, which is covered in our guides, particularly knowing the difference between a ‘lodger’ and ‘tenant’ – the consequences of mixing them up, or even switching from one to another, can have a significant impact on your own circumstances as a landlord and even lifestyle.

Once you’ve learned the basics, and you’re happy to pursue the idea of becoming a lodger landlord, we encourage you to move onto the getting started as a lodger section

Is my occupant a lodger or a tenant?

The topic of Lodger Vs Tenant was briefly covered in the what is a lodger? article, where it specifically explained how to prevent a tenancy (for those landlords that simply want a lodger). This article will look into diagnosing the status of your current occupant: are they a lodger or a tenant? The legal status […]

Should I take in a lodger?

Taking in a lodger – especially if they’re a stranger – can be a daunting decision. Often the extra money alone isn’t enough to convince prospective landlords to take in a lodger because there’s plenty to consider, many of which is discussed in the advantages & disadvantages of a lodger article. So should you take […]

Advantages & Disadvantages of a lodger

Weighing up the decision on whether to get a lodger or not can be a difficult one, because there are plenty of pros and cons for both arguments. There’s a lot to consider. Before you start the process of finding a lodger, here are a list of the most common advantages and disadvantages of taking […]

What is a lodger [the actual definition]?

While there is no legal definition of “lodger”, a lodger is someone who typically rents a room in your home and shares living space (e.g. kitchen, bathroom). Lodgers in England & Wales are typically what is known as a “licencee”, which essentially means the lodger can only stay as long as the landlord allows. It’s […]