Problem Lodgers & Evictions

Unfortunately, there’s always an element of risk when you become a landlord, and one of those risks is dealing with problematic lodgers.

This section of the website covers the underbelly of the landlord/lodger experience, which is how to deal with problem lodgers and in a worst case scenario, how to evict a lodger.

Dealing with these issues can be extremely worrying and cause a lot of stress, so hopefully here you can learn more about your options and the quickest and best way to resolving lodger dilemmas.

It must be emphasised, the articles on this website are only informational, they should not be relied upon for legal advice. If you are in need of legal advice regarding a dispute with your lodger, it is recommended that you talk to a professional solicitor who is specialised in the field. For free advice, you can also contact your local Citizen’s Advice.

Lodger Eviction Notice – Breach Of Agreement

If you have a lodger in your home and they have breached the terms of the lodger agreement (other than non-payment of rent), you can serve the notice below. The usual notice period for lodger’s is 28 days, and if your lodger is not in a serious breach of the agreement, you should stick to […]

Lodger Late Rent Eviction Notice

If you have a lodger in your home and they have fallen in rent arrears, you can serve the notice below. Before serving notice to your lodger, you should read your lodger agreement carefully, because many agreements often say that the lodger’s license to occupy your property will automatically terminate if they are in two […]

Evicting a Problematic Lodger

The information on this page is only relevant to landlords with lodgers in England & Wales. Unfortunately dealing with problematic lodgers is always the risk when becoming a landlord. It can be an incredibly difficult time. But comparatively (compared to evicting a ‘tenant’), evicting a lodger is generally a lot quicker and easier. Serving notice […]