Living Arrangements

Repairs & Maintenance Responsibilities

Needless to say, every landlord should ensure they provide a comfortable and safe living environment for their lodger, regardless of what is legally required. Landlords letting to lodgers are NOT regulated by the Section 11 of the Landlord and Tenant Act, which covers the landlords (with tenants) responsibility to keep the property in good repair. […]

Lodgers & Utility Bills – Who is responsible?

There is no set rule on how landlords should charge lodgers for the utility bills, they’re usually either inclusive with the rent, or charged separately. Generally, the utility bills will include the following services: Gas Electricity Water Broadband/Internet The easiest option is to include utility bills with the rent at a fixed rate, that makes […]

Shared / Communal Rooms

The landlord is entitled to set which rooms/areas are shared/communal with the lodger- it’s typically the bathroom, kitchen and lounge. If you have multiple bathrooms, you can each have a dedicated one. The important thing to remember, as discussed in the what is a lodger article, is that a lodger shouldn’t have exclusivity to a […]

Lodgers & Meals / Food

There are no obligations for lodger landlords to provide food or cooked meals, but many landlords do it anyways. But essentially, it really is a personal choice. There are both pros and cons to offering meals, or at least one per day, whether it be breakfast or dinner (lunch is usually never an option, because […]

Lodgers & House Rules

Lodger landlords don’t have to have a set of written house rules. In fact, many landlords and lodgers just have a discussion at the beginning of the lodger agreement about what is expected, and that often works out well. However, it can be a good idea to compile a list of house rules, just so […]